Song name: I Can Almost Taste The Rain

Music Genre:: Rock

Nine years ago during the first drought I experienced in Australia, a family I’d looked after as their Chiropractor for many years arrived at my door. On the back of their truck was all they had left in the world of a farming property that had been in their family for generations. Crops were gone. Livestock had perished. Never had I seen such pain as that etched into the streaked faces of these strong, proud people who, in a word, were devastated.

I Can Almost Taste The Rain from Astro Digital Video Production on Vimeo.

Something in the depths of my soul snapped that day but I had no idea of how to help these amazing people at that time.

Jump ahead nine years to today – the next drought. Feelings and passions piqued during the first commitment have had time to ferment, intensify and find fertile soil in the steel of the soul’s determination. The result is our anthem ‘I Can Almost Taste The Rain’ – our way of doing our part for our country, because drought anywhere in Australia affects us all.

The song has been written as a call to action – a rallying cry – encouraging and reminding TV, radio, media, politicians to continue to shoulder-up beside those whose presence and fortitude make up the very backbone of this Great South Land, until the rivers again swell and green horizons flourish.

It is our goal and mission to perform ‘I Can Almost Taste The Rain’ before Parliament at one of its sessions requesting that they too band together as a non-partisan entity requesting their constituents to add the verse of their own commitment to something that is good, right, and necessary.


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