Fresh Indie Rock Songs you need to hear

The indie rock scene is overflowing with fresh new music. These indie rock artists are on the rise in 2021 and have some fresh songs you need to hear.

Music curated by Jacqueline Jax

Discovered on The 100 Fresh New Indie Songs Playlist curated by Jacqueline Jax


Artist: Juice

Song: Girlfriend Song

Genre: Indie Rock

Blending rock pop r&b and hiphop, Juice embraced the diversity of their signature sound early on.

Artist: Marc Killian

New Release: Downpour

Genre: Rock, Alt Rock

Downpour by Marc Killian talks about the destructive force of depression

Artist: Sam Rappaport

Song Journeyman’s Ballet

Genre: Indie Pop Rock

San Fernando Valley NBA dreamer turned songwriter still searching for his purpose in life.

Artist: Jenna Doe

Song: Pink Slips

Genre: Indie Pop Rock

A love song for 2022.

Artist: Ricky James

Song: Save your apologies

Genre: Indie Rock

Artist: Benjamin Carter

Song: Psycho

Genre: Indie pop rock

Caribbean – American hailing from the Cayman Islands. Passionate singer songwriter writing about vulnerable music that takes everyone’s walls down.

Artist: XUINN pronounced ZENN

Song: Cidhna Hall (pronounced (sid-nuh) 

Genre: Alternative Pop

Cidhna Hall touches on the nostalgia that everyone feels for their childhood when things were simpler and far less stressful. It’s a somber letter to the child I no longer am, disguised by a happy, upbeat tune. A lot of my music has deep themes about depression, anxiety, and just everyday troubles.


Artist: Berg

Song: Miss You

Genre: Pop,alt pop ,emotional pop

Sounds like: Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac

Berg New Music Release ‘Miss You’ is about separation and living in memories

Artist: Hanna Vox

New Release: A Clean Slate

Genre: Indie pop, singer-songwriter

Hanna Vox “A Clean Slate,” is about having the faith to embrace heartbreak for a better future.

Artist: The Fool’s Agenda

Song: The Tower

Genre: Rock n roll, soft rock

The Fool’s Agenda debuts with album “Reversing the Tower”. The forthcoming LP follows up their 2019 EP, From the Underground, which features a different lineup of members.

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

Song: Train Comin’

Genre: Rock

Train Comin’ is the last single we are releasing for 2021. This song speaks to the thought that our actions could be detrimental to our souls.