Band Name: Hella Rebelliön

New Single: Drop the Soap

Genre: Alternative metal, punk and metal, rock

Drop the Soap’ – new album from Hella Rebelliön!

No compromise scandinavian punk rock from the dirty Norwegian northwest-core band Hella Rebelliön! Hella Rebelliön could be Norways greatest musical export since black metal! ‘Drop The Soap’ (the title track) is a high energy, organic hymn to stupidity! A homage to the 2000s Norwegian underground scene! ‘Drop The Soap’ is a musical firestorm you don’t want to miss!


Hella Rebelliön will release their debut album on Rob Mules Records April 27.

Spring 2017 a hard-hitting rock outfit rose from the remnants of a train crash in Ålesunds dimly lit back alleys. Hella Rebelliön plays punk with references to several of the 21st century’s greatest Norwegian giants.

The tracks are steeped in a drive and aggressiveness that draws parallells to bands like Silver and Zugly. The vocalist Markus sounds like a pissed off Turbonegro’s Hank Von Helvete at his best/worst.

This sonic sledgehammer plays music that spans from the almost metallic and hard with a heavy dose of energy.

Hella Rebellion consists of three members from the now extinct Long Lasting Train; Rune Nordheim, Sindre Brunes and Øystein Westrum. Joining them we have Markus Olausen (Happy Motherfuckers) on vocals and Espen Farstad (Stonewolf) on guitar.

(By the way, Rob Mules Records is the label Hella Rebelliön is signed on. This campaign is run by Rob Mules Records. We promote the band. Anders (who is writing this), is CEO of RMR.)