New Zealand Guitarist Chris Barclay releases new rock single ‘Ash’ in tribute to lost love ones.

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Award-winning Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter from Auckland New Zealand. My music styles crossover from Metal, Rock, Neo-Classical, Progressive, Instrumental, Pop, and Country Rock. I have had several indie successes with competitions won in performance guitar and songwriting. I cut my musical skills in playing live as a solo artist in cover bands, teaching guitar education, and playing Flamenco and Acoustic guitar at corporate events. A survivor of Leukaemia some of my music is around love, loss of love, sex, death, hope, and spiritual alignment. My guitar influences range from Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Richie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert, Stevie Stevens, John Petrucci Richie Sambora, Keith Urban, Joe Bonamassa, and John Mayer. Musically my music is varied from progressive and neo-classical instrumentals to country-rock heavy metal, and pop songs. My musical Influences can range from the above guitarist but also bands and singers ranging from John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls to artistic influences from U2, Bon Jovi, Live, Placebo, New Order, Velvet Revolver, Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Cult, The Police, Ultravox, The Rolling Stones, Chicken Foot, AC/DC, The Foo Fighters, and The Darkness. I want to be recognized as a guitarist who can be commercially viable whilst being a hired gun for some big arena artist to tour with.

Most of my music is aggressive and energetic Rock and shred guitar made up from songs and instrumental guitar driven pieces. This new track is an instrumental ambient blues/rock-driven track recorded in my home studio in Auckland New Zealand. It is a piece of music that much arrived around the chords of a piano one night. I was trying to come up with a piece of music to represent the passing of so many people I know or were very close to in 2021. People who have left this life due to fighting illness, Covid 19 or were taken suddenly. A good friend of mine lost him very much loved dog ‘Ash’ suddenly and unexpectedly. This was very significant and sad for both of us. ‘Ash’ as a name seemed very significant and poignant to me as our body changes to ash when we leave this world. Hence the name ‘Ash’ for title name.