Giuseppe Brai

Song: Elena

Music is the dream of my life. I’m an independent artist who supports all the costs of recording, producing and distributing my own music. I work as a product responsible  in a renowned company that produces organic foods. I started playing acoustic guitar at 15 years old.

My musical and cultural back ground in general, has always covered the Anglo-Saxon world and in particular the culture and music of the United States and Great Britain. I have a profound knowledge of English and American literature and have always been fond of Celtic music, country of origin and folk. My myths from a very young age were Woodie Guthrie, Jim Croce and Bob Dylan, the singers of the vast prairies of North America. Other artists who have strongly influenced my music world are John Denver, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, and all of West Coast’s Artists like  Crosby Still Nash and Young, Eagles and America.

Obtained the Accountant diploma I was called by the family to work in the company. This made my teenage art project more complicated. At age of 25 I stopped playing and I was completely devoted to the entrepreneurial business that engaged all my energies. With time I started playing again with no big ambitions but in 2007 my passion never faded I took my old acoustic Takamine F25 guitar and started playing again, after so many years and so much rust, it was not easy but from that moment  I didn’t stopped more.
A thread of my life has always been writing, I’ve always written about everything, local newspaper articles, reviews for Magazines specializing in my business, poetry, short novels. Over the years, I have embarked on a journey of inner reconstruction and meditation that has led me to a deep awareness of myself and my potential, and from that moment on, my dream was reborn. A few years ago I met a person who changed my life, sentimental and emotional. It was a meeting of dejavu that gave me total freedom to my feelings. Feelings in which music was constantly flying.
For Elena, I wrote my first song and which followed many others dedicated to her.
All those who have listened to my songs have appreciated it for innovative melodies, rich texts, and the ability to know how to excite. This awareness gave me more confidence and encouraged me to continue. So I started attending artists, record companies and musicians with the hope of being able to point me to the Italian musical artistic environment. I have been trying to emerge as a songwriter for 5 years, but despite the hard work I did not come to anything concrete.
I have always loved studying, especially Scientific Matters and Languages. I am lucky enough to know English correctly, and this has allowed me to write and record songs in English too. I am pleased to know that the Gotha  of Italian music listened to my pieces but despite that I had to change my commercial strategy. In January 2017, I decided to address the Anglo-Saxon market by pointing to all the English-speaking countries: United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, South Africa etc.
 I’ve implemented my Facebook and Twitter accounts; with Twitter in particular, I had exponential growth from a few dozen followers to the current 20,000. This growth has allowed me to know people in the field, especially interested in my music. The American music world is not comparable to ours. In particular, fans believe in emerging artists who are supported and promoted in every way. Thanks to these people who I consider to be true friends at distance, I have been able to make myself known in private environments where I have found a great consensus on my music.
Another idea was to join ReverbNation, the world’s largest emerging artists platform that offered me all the tools to get more visibility and be contacted by top-level artists and record labels. In February 2017, unpublished, my first single “Sparkling Dreams” was released, which was broadcasted on some American Radio Websites such as Lonely Oak Radio and C.Y.D. Radio.
On August 13, 2017, the song “ELENA on CDBaby featured on 150 Digital Distributors in 200 countries around the world, a song I have many expectations,” ELENA “is a cool, danceable song where besides a sexy and captivating text are very interesting sounds and a very high level arrangement. The official video has also been released on YouTube and a radio campaign will start in the United States, Canada and UK. It is expected to release another single for the end of the year and a full EP or full album for spring 2018. Today Elena, my companion, is also my collaborator in the writing of lyrics and back vocalist in the songs that we write, great value added to the beauty of our relationship.



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