Tulum is a duo from Denver; Colorado made up of Travis Keys (19) and Rylee Zobel (16) .Their music takes the listener on a journey using modern yet vintage serene soundscapes. With influences ranging from classical music, jazz, and most modern music types, ‘Time Changes’ is about the evolution of relationships.

Written during quarantine, it’s the first song the duo ever wrote together. The band considers this an experimental album. As they progress, they’re working toward evolving their skill sets as musicians using better recording techniques and overall better production.

The theme of ‘Time Changes’ circles around the progression of relationships, people, and the world as collective overtime — to the group represents a sort of ‘coming of age’ album. Tulum hopes that others get as much joy out of listening to it as the duo did making it. As multi-instrumentalists, Tulum looks forward to exploring performance even though they’ve made ‘Time Changes’ using remote means via Facetime. .

Social Media:
Tulum: https://www.instagram.com/tulummakesmusic
Rylee: https://www.instagram.com/zyleerobel 
Travis: https://www.instagram.com/_.travis
Twitter:  Tulum:https://twitter.com/TulumMusic

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