Artist: Dave Molter

New Release: Foolish Heart

Genre: Rock

Located in: Pittsburgh, PA USA

A contemporary rocker with amazing guitar work from Steve Dudas (original member of Ringo Starrs band The Roundheads), “Foolish Heart” features lyrics that anyone who has loved in vain can relate to.

After a 55-year career in music, “Foolish Heart” is the title track of his debut EP of the same name.

Dave’s first full CD “Mid-Century Man” will be released in early 2020. The music is an assemblage of eclectic influences, everything from Tin Pan Alley to British Invasion, psychedelia, and pop.


2019 has been a exciting landmark year in many ways for this artist!

  • “Foolish Heart” brings together friends old and new.
  • The artist recorded more than a dozen original tunes of varied styles
  • Has released his first CD “Mid-Century Man”
  • Played their first show under the brand Dave Molter
  • Receiving airplay and recognition worldwide from indie and mainstream music outlets!


Twitter: molter_Dave
Instagram: dave_molter_music