‘Dancing in the Blue Room’ by The Song Tailors featuring Liam Isaac is a catchy upbeat song based on a true story of the moment of finding true love.


Ruth and Liam made a great team on this single. Ruth from the Song Tailors has a talent for writing songs that lift our spirits while telling a story of a familiar moment or human condition. She’s a gifted songwriter. Liams voice fits this single perfectly. He has a talent for timing and pulls off this style effortlessly. The song feels lived in and straightforward, with his smooth, confident tone encouraging us to tap to the beat. It’s a very uplifting song.

Jacqueline Jax Host of AVA Live Radio

Artist: The Song Tailors

New Release: Dancing in the Blue Room

Genre: Indie pop, acoustic upbeat dance

Sounds like: : Upbeat pop, acoustic sound, catchy and strong smooth vocals sung by Liam Isaac

Located in: : Melbourne, Australia – songwriter – Ruth Picker. Toronto, Canada – singer – Liam Isaac.

‘Dancing in the Blue Room’ has a groove that will make you want to dance while you listen to the strong, smooth, and passionate vocals of Liam Isaac. There’s an acoustic vibe with a hypnotic guitar riff and a few surprises that will keep you interested and want to play it again and again.


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