Rhianna Radick – Love-sick Wonder
Music Genre:: Pop/Country

The struggles in the dating world and finding a decent guy. There’ve been so many instances where I’ve been on a date and he’s been on his phone too much, referencing his ex frequently, or just not what his profile marketed. A lot of guys who I’ve had crushes on didn’t know I liked them, because I was afraid of rejection, or had girlfriends already. I can only imagine the stories other girls can add to this by their experiences. Either way- the struggle in the dating world is real and just finding someone who gets you is one of the biggest challenges as a young adult.

My music is a blend of country and pop. I try to reach people on deeper level with circumstances most people share: dating, leaving home, finding & building yourself, unreciprocated love, etc. I want listeners to feel connection and like they’ve gained a friend. I know for myself, no matter what the subject, if someone else can relate to what I’m experiencing I feel more comfortable to push through.


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