Featured Single: Greg Hoy’s ‘Highway 101’ is a rite of passage within ‘the great American road trip’

California plug-in-and-play rock artist Greg Hoy is blowing the cobwebs off the van to tour supporting his ‘Cacophony’ vinyl LP release. The rock trio will also be performing songs from their last six song EP ‘Enjoy the View’ recorded by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies) and mixed by Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty). Greg’s music has been heard on networks such as the CW, MTV, and HBO, and his songs have been used by brands such as American Express, Pinterest, and Adobe.

Divide & Conquor says ‘Live, Hoy is like Jack White AND Jack Black rolled into one… I was addicted the first time I heard it’ The Big Takeover Issue 83 says ‘Drop the needle anywhere on his LPs. You’re greeted with Hoy’s crunchy, meaty, dirt discharging guitars & swaggering Mick Jagger/David Johansen-like growl. Hoy’s boys kick out plenty of 70’s punk, rnb, blues-inspired jams.’ Red Red Wine on a Sunday says, ‘Hoy’s records are deep – like peeling layers off an onion – each song is a revelation!’

The rock trio whip up a caffeinated, punk dance time with just a little twang. Live, reminiscent of White Stripes, Supersuckers, Spoon, and Alabama Shakes — supporting their latest gold vinyl LP ‘Cacophony’ recorded during the pandemic last summer at Tiny Telephone Studio in Oakland CA.

Greg Hoy’s ‘Highway 101’ is a rite of passage within ‘the great American road trip’

Greg Hoy’s new rock music single is the anticipation of love – maybe for the first time – driving alongside the ocean.