Pop singer/songwriter Kat Kennedy has toured extensively from Alaska to Brazil, sharing her compelling blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. After graduating Berklee College of music her collaborations with other artists and producers piqued the interest of fans and labels alike. Her 2016 TrapNation release with producer Channels titled “Flare” amassed over 6,000,000 plays across streaming platforms. Kat is regularly feature on coveted Spotify Editorial playlists like “Fresh Finds”, “Fresh Finds: Pop”, and “Sad Bops”.. 

Peace feels like boredom to people that grew up in chaos. Boring is a tongue-in-cheek indie pop anthem produced by David Burris (Rebecca Black, MOTHICA, salem ilese) and written and performed by Kat Kennedy, an up and coming artist in the Los Angeles Indie Pop scene, who is a regular on playlists like Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop, and Sad Bops. Catchy melodies and attention-grabbing lyrics about ditching a toxic lifestyle and leaving red flags behind make this song one fans will have a hard time getting bored of.