The Comfort -Bloom

Released by: Greyscale Records

Genre:  Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Emo

Similar artists: The Dangerous Summer, Angles and Airwaves, The Band CAMINO, Taking Back Sunday, The Maine, Valley

‘Bloom’ is a reflection on the good and bad parts of a relationship that has ended. I was talking to my brother a while ago about a relationship ending and he said “it’s essentially the same as someone dying, just in your life only” and I think he’s absolutely spot on an Liam also nailed that feeling in his second verse on this song that is all about grief and acceptance. 

When you get out of a long term relationship, you forget about all of the bad parts and can only remember the good parts. You’re just left with this awful feeling of grief and misery without being able to remember clearly why it’s ended in the first place. Hence my statement “I’m not falling in love again” – love sucks sometimes and in that moment immediately after a relationship, you feel like you never want to experience it again. 

Immediately following a failed relationship you’re also forced into a period of self discovery. You truly discover who you are, who you are supposed to be and who you can be. Only once you’ve had that process so many times, can you be ready for a flourishing relationship with yourself and eventually also with someone else. Being alone is just a stepping stone to a goddamn blessing.