There’s a new artist in town and his name is Aantdoe. Since appearing on AVA Live radio’s Behind The music with Jacqueline Jax and capturing a feature story on American Pride Magazine, his music has been giving hip hop listeners something new to think about.

Listen to the episode:


American Pride magazine feature story:

Philadelphia Hip Hop Artist and Army Veteran Aantdoe on meeting your challenges


Artist: Aantdoe

New Release: GetAway (feat. Kasper Genius)

Genre: Hip Hop

Sounds like: : J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Mos Def, T,I., Chance The Rapper, Common

Located in: : Philadelphia, P.A.

The Song is a dedication to all the fellas out there that have an outstanding woman by their side and they’re not ashamed or proud to give her the credit she deserves.

This song is one aspect of my vision and the direction that I am choosing to go in my journey as an artist… Hip-hop doesn’t always have to be negative or degrading… Some artists have a positive message that they want to address and I am one of those artists… GetAway is just one step of many to come…

I do this because…

I Love making songs. The process of hearing a beat which is like a blank canvas and telling a story to it. A story that ALL people can relate to… Performing is such a rush… The nervousness you feel right before you take the stage and then the crowd reacting to or even singing along to your lyrics… AMAAAAZING feeling… And I’m inspired by everyday life and experiences seen through my eyes or told to me by others… And of course by Old School rappers like… Rakim, KRS One, Kool G Rap, Chuck D… All rappers who didn’t just rhyme… They all took the time to make sure there was some kind of message in their songs… And who wouldn’t like to get paid doing what they love???

Right now we are…:

I am most excited about working with Ava, pushing my music a little further and out to more possible fans… I’m in the process of shooting my first video for my most streamed song to date “Right Back”…