From date night to celebrating a special moment with that someone special, we pulled together 50 Romantic Love songs that will help tell your story.

Includes a nice selection of mainstream and indie music so you can discover something new.

Here’s a list of even more great songs you’ll enjoy:

Featured Artists


‘Step Off The World’ Featuring Irish Singer Muireann McDonnell Is Australian Songwriter Ruth Picker’s Latest Release Under The Song Tailors Brand.

The song is full of meaning, inviting listeners to explore and interpret the lyrics. Inspired by the Nordic Northern lights, the song takes the listener on a journey with lyrical and sonic imagery.

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Jules Schroeder : New release: ‘Fall’

Genre: christian, pop, singer-songwriter

This song is about duality, about the intersection between trust and uncertainty. Letting yourself be humbled while also holding yourself in dignity. It is about welcoming our love and our pain in both parts of ourselves, the dark and our light. Knowing that grace is available to you in every moment and that you must always keep the faith. Allow yourself to fall and trust it is all happening at precisely the perfect time.

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Waiting…thinking of You by Jimmy Jimmy

I started writing music as a teenager about 50 yrs ago, trying to write songs similar to my favorite bands like the Beatles, Kinks, Bob Dylan, etc. I started writing music because I wanted to be like these bands and wanted to be able to play music for a living.

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Crazy In Love by Annalise, Pure State

Annalise is a young Singer/Songwriter from Australia, highly motivated and devoted to her craft.  She enjoys creating music in a variety of styles such as Pop, Electronic, and Pop Rock. Her songs range from fairly light and catchy to deep and powerful. She has a unique gift at touching people’s emotions.  

Her musical talent becomes evident once the listener is enveloped by the beauty and warmth of her vocals. It is no wonder she is slowly building up a worldwide fan base. 

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Whatever Happened (To Where We Belong) by Abby K, Matthias Clark

Whatever Happened (To Where We Belong) is a love song about the real love story: commitment. In a world where “love” is exemplified through rose-colored lenses, this is a song about love after the lenses come off. Read more <here>

It Was You by Dave Molter

The overriding sentiment is that the person being sung about changed the singer’s life. I’ve been lucky enough to have this happen to me a few times, but I have to admit the most recent time has been the best.

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Erick Beau’s Romantic Single ‘I Found Love in You’ (MJ’s Song)

A couple of weeks before my wedding, this song was composed as I asked myself how I could express this powerful love I feel for MJ. The answer was to express it in a song that is all about true love and the amazing feelings we experience when we have finally found it.

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